Why doesn't my Gmail work?

Episode 1493 (1:36:44)

Jerald from San Diego, CA
Gmail logo

Jerald is having issues with Gmail. It comes up, but when he tries to open an email, it goes blank. It works when he logs on somewhere else, though. Leo says that Gmail is a web application that runs Javascript. So it may be that his browser is blocking that. Ad blocking software may also be doing it. He should try disabling his ad blocker and see if that works. Click the on/off switch at the top of the page and see if it loads up.

He can also try another browser entirely. Sometimes Chrome will choke down. Jerald should try Microsoft Edge. If that works, then it's his browser. So he should try reinstalling Chrome. Or he can update it in the "About Chrome" settings. Version 67 is the current one. Since Jerald said it worked when he took his laptop to another place, that would mean that his ISP could be doing something that uBlock Origin doesn't. Another thing to try is clearing his cache. There could be a corrupted page that his browser is looking for. Make sure it's the entire cache, not just the last hour.