Why doesn't my 4K TV stream Netflix in 4K?

Episode 1493 (17:22)

Steve from California
Roku Streaming Stick+

Steve is frustrated with his Vizio 4K smart TV, which has a Netflix app, but it only supports 1080p and not 4K. Leo says that's because the TV is using an older version of the Netflix app. Leo recommends getting a Roku or Apple TV and then use the 4K version of the app, and it will stream in 4K. This is why Leo prefers so-called "dumb" TVs which don't have smart apps. He uses a Roku, which gets updated far more often and supports 4K apps. Steve could also see if there's an update for his TV's apps. It will probably be somewhere in the TV settings.

From the Chatroom - He'll have to have a 4K subscription to Netflix, so he should make sure he has that. He can also try logging out and logging back in. Maybe that will give him the proper settings.