Where can I get a good deal on a laptop?

Episode 1493 (1:56:23)

Janice from Van Nuys, CA
Lenovo T480

Janice is losing her job at age 60, and wants to get trained to make herself more marketable in finding a new job. She's looking at doing computer work from home. Leo says that most customer service reps work out of their home, so it's an emerging new field. What laptop should she buy? She has $1,000. Leo recommends a business grade laptop. It'll be far better built and she'll be able to use it for training and work. She should look at the Lenovo Thinkpad T480. It has an i5 processor with 8GB of RAM. It's easy to upgrade, comes with Windows 10, has a decent screen, and costs $859. Janice should also check out the Lenovo Perks site. She can get a really good deal there. She should just search Google for "Lenovo Perks redemption codes" and she should be able to find one for a great discount.