What's a good router to buy?

Episode 1493 (39:58)

Tim from San Diego, CA
Synology Router

Tim bought a new NetGear 7900 router, but he had to reboot it every few days. So he returned it and doesn't know what to buy now. Asus is a company that offers a similar router design. It's an open source based router that uses DD-WRT and Tomato. That's what Leo would buy. NetGear also has the problem of being susceptible to the Russian virus, along with TP-Link and several others. Leo suspects that's because they aren't updated as often. So he should make sure to get a model that's going to be automatically and regularly updated with security updates.

The Eero mesh router is a very good option, especially for Tim who needs Wi-Fi to cover a half acre. A mesh system with multiple units would be ideal. For a single, standalone router, Synology makes sophisticated routers that are updated automatically.

What about outdoor speakers? Leo says that TomsGuide did a review of the best outdoor speakers. Tim also wants to know about sound boards for streaming. Leo says that the Elgato Stream Deck is a great option. He can assign any sound to any button, and the quality is great. But he'll need a mixer as well. Leo also recommends using a sound app for the iPad.

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