What smartphone should I buy?

Episode 1493 (1:29:37)

Rick from Phelan, CA
Motorola Moto G6

Rick's wife wants a new phone with a larger screen. What should she get? It doesn't have to be the latest model. Leo says that the best budget Android phone is the Motorola Moto G5 Plus. The screens are better and the cameras are really good. She should make sure he gets a US GSM model that is compatible with her carrier (Verizon in this case). She shouldn't have to pay more than $200, especially on Amazon. The chatroom says the Moto G6 is the latest and it's only $240. It's a great price, and it's a nice phone.

Any other options? Leo says she could get an older Samsung, like the Galaxy S6. But she may not even get a deal that cheap. Verizon is offering a refurbished Galaxy S7 for $242. It has a stunning OLED screen and great camera. So she could go that route.