How can I get control of my Exchange server?

Episode 1493 (2:05:47)

Lori from La Crescenta, CA

Lori can't get access to her Exchange server. Her password doesn't work ever since an employee who was running it left the job. Leo suspects he changed the passwords before he left. But if she has physical possession of the server, she should be able to change the passwords. If the employee has access to her server, then he has control, even outside of the company. So Lori will have to go to him or the company he represents and get the passwords. If he's proven to be untrustworthy, then they'll probably have a hard time getting that information. Leo recommends changing the registry for the domain name to point somewhere else. That way, moving forward, she'll have control. But she'll be starting from scratch until she can get the missing data from him. An IT expert who specializes in managed service providers can do it. They can look at the MX record and find out where the server is being hosted. He probably contracted a third party and she can go to them and wrestle control away from him. Then lock him out.