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Watch Dave from Anaheim Comments

Dave uses Google Maps on his phone, but it always chooses the faster routes and sometimes he wants to take the scenic route. How can he do that? Leo says that if he looks in the options, he can choose to avoid highways. That's a start. Although the desktop version of Google Maps will let users move routes with a click and drag, the mobile app doesn't support that yet.

Watch Steve from California Comments

Steve is frustrated with his Vizio 4K smart TV, which has a Netflix app, but it only supports 1080p and not 4K. Leo says that's because the TV is using an older version of the Netflix app. Leo recommends getting a Roku or Apple TV and then use the 4K version of the app, and it will stream in 4K. This is why Leo prefers so-called "dumb" TVs which don't have smart apps. He uses a Roku, which gets updated far more often and supports 4K apps. Steve could also see if there's an update for his TV's apps. It will probably be somewhere in the TV settings.

From the Chatroom - He'll have to have a 4K subscription to Netflix, so he should make sure he has that. He can also try logging out and logging back in. Maybe that will give him the proper settings.

Watch Tim from San Diego, CA Comments

Tim bought a new NetGear 7900 router, but he had to reboot it every few days. So he returned it and doesn't know what to buy now. Asus is a company that offers a similar router design. It's an open source based router that uses DD-WRT and Tomato. That's what Leo would buy. NetGear also has the problem of being susceptible to the Russian virus, along with TP-Link and several others. Leo suspects that's because they aren't updated as often. So he should make sure to get a model that's going to be automatically and regularly updated with security updates.

The Eero mesh router is a very good option, especially for Tim who needs Wi-Fi to cover a half acre. A mesh system with multiple units would be ideal. For a single, standalone router, Synology makes sophisticated routers that are updated automatically.

What about outdoor speakers? Leo says that TomsGuide did a review of the best outdoor speakers. Tim also wants to know about sound boards for streaming. Leo says that the Elgato Stream Deck is a great option. He can assign any sound to any button, and the quality is great. But he'll need a mixer as well. Leo also recommends using a sound app for the iPad.

(Disclaimer: Eero is a sponsor)

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Watch Kevin from Vancouver, BC Comments

Kevin needs to have more than two ethernet ports on his router and his mesh router only has two. Leo says he can get an ethernet switch or hub that can expand the amount of ports. Leo has one with 24 ports! They're all easy to use, and the best part is they're all the same. NetGear makes a good one. But any one will do.

Watch Dan from Fresno, CA Comments

Dan just signed up for Spotify. Is there a way to set up the Echo to default to Spotify? Leo says that he can, and it's in the settings of the Amazon Echo app. There's also probably a "skill" that will do it. He can always just tell it to play a song on Spotify.

Watch Dana from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Comments

Dana wants to know if he should reformat his iMac hard drive to make it run faster. Leo says often that's the best thing to do. Since Dave has a bootable image from Super Duper, he can do it and be back up in minutes. He should just boot from the image, then copy the image to his hard drive and he'll be back up. Sometimes it just takes a little spring cleaning. Better yet — he can get an SSD and use the hard drive as his data drive. His computer will be a lot faster with that.

Watch Rick from Phelan, CA Comments

Rick's wife wants a new phone with a larger screen. What should she get? It doesn't have to be the latest model. Leo says that the best budget Android phone is the Motorola Moto G5 Plus. The screens are better and the cameras are really good. She should make sure he gets a US GSM model that is compatible with her carrier (Verizon in this case). She shouldn't have to pay more than $200, especially on Amazon. The chatroom says the Moto G6 is the latest and it's only $240. It's a great price, and it's a nice phone.

Any other options? Leo says she could get an older Samsung, like the Galaxy S6. But she may not even get a deal that cheap. Verizon is offering a refurbished Galaxy S7 for $242. It has a stunning OLED screen and great camera. So she could go that route.

Watch Jerald from San Diego, CA Comments

Jerald is having issues with Gmail. It comes up, but when he tries to open an email, it goes blank. It works when he logs on somewhere else, though. Leo says that Gmail is a web application that runs Javascript. So it may be that his browser is blocking that. Ad blocking software may also be doing it. He should try disabling his ad blocker and see if that works. Click the on/off switch at the top of the page and see if it loads up.

He can also try another browser entirely. Sometimes Chrome will choke down. Jerald should try Microsoft Edge. If that works, then it's his browser. So he should try reinstalling Chrome. Or he can update it in the "About Chrome" settings. Version 67 is the current one. Since Jerald said it worked when he took his laptop to another place, that would mean that his ISP could be doing something that uBlock Origin doesn't. Another thing to try is clearing his cache. There could be a corrupted page that his browser is looking for. Make sure it's the entire cache, not just the last hour.

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Watch Janice from Van Nuys, CA Comments

Janice is losing her job at age 60, and wants to get trained to make herself more marketable in finding a new job. She's looking at doing computer work from home. Leo says that most customer service reps work out of their home, so it's an emerging new field. What laptop should she buy? She has $1,000. Leo recommends a business grade laptop. It'll be far better built and she'll be able to use it for training and work. She should look at the Lenovo Thinkpad T480. It has an i5 processor with 8GB of RAM. It's easy to upgrade, comes with Windows 10, has a decent screen, and costs $859. Janice should also check out the Lenovo Perks site. She can get a really good deal there. She should just search Google for "Lenovo Perks redemption codes" and she should be able to find one for a great discount.

Watch Lori from La Crescenta, CA Comments

Lori can't get access to her Exchange server. Her password doesn't work ever since an employee who was running it left the job. Leo suspects he changed the passwords before he left. But if she has physical possession of the server, she should be able to change the passwords. If the employee has access to her server, then he has control, even outside of the company. So Lori will have to go to him or the company he represents and get the passwords. If he's proven to be untrustworthy, then they'll probably have a hard time getting that information. Leo recommends changing the registry for the domain name to point somewhere else. That way, moving forward, she'll have control. But she'll be starting from scratch until she can get the missing data from him. An IT expert who specializes in managed service providers can do it. They can look at the MX record and find out where the server is being hosted. He probably contracted a third party and she can go to them and wrestle control away from him. Then lock him out.