What's a good router for high traffic?

Episode 1492 (16:58)

Ryan from Sacramento, CA
Netgear Orbi

Ryan bought a new router for the neighborhood pool, but it can't really handle a lot of traffic. What high density router should he buy that can shoulder the load? Leo says that mesh routers are probably Ryan's best bet for the home and neighborhood use. And if he needs better signal, he can just plug in more satellites.

At the end of the day, Wi-Fi is reaching the saturation point of how it was designed. It's a collision based system that defers to other, stronger signals, and that can cause a pileup. Congestion is the issue here, and beam forming can help, so he should make sure that's turned on. Mesh routers are designed to handle the traffic better. The Netgear Orbi is probably best for this kind of setup.