Should I link my WordPress blog to my domain or transfer it?

Episode 1492 (1:21:03)

Gerald from Texas
web address

Gerald is setting up a website in WordPress and wants to know if he should set it up with a domain name or link to it. Leo says it's a good idea to have his own domain that he can control. From there, he can forward it to his website on WordPress and let them host it, or he can host it himself on his own server. It's not really practical to "roll your own" hosting. Gerald should let WordPress handle the hosting and just have the domain name forward to the website. That won't cost him anything. The other way to do it is to let WordPress also handle the registry. Then he'll pay them for the domain name and it'll be easier to manage. GoDaddy will give him fits for changing it, but it'll be worth it to do so in the long run.

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