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Watch Doctor Mom (Lillian) from New York, NY Comments

Doctor Mom heard about Amazon Alexa recording conversations and sending them to contacts by mistake. How can she make sure that doesn't happen, since she is a doctor and has HIPPA concerns? Leo says Business Insider has a piece on how to prevent it, here.

Watch Nick from Chicago, IL Comments

Nick doesn't want to update to the Windows 10 1803 update. How can he keep from updating? Leo says that he can defer it by telling Windows he's on a metered connection (in network settings), but ultimately, he's going to have to bite the bullet. Leo says that he can save the update on a thumb drive, but Avast could be causing issues with the update. Nick should check out this article on for common problems and fixes.

There is also a bug where 1803 is bricking the computer. It requires entering advanced startup and then try rolling back to the previous build. Here's a list of the bugs at

Otherwise, his only real choice is to backup his data and then reformat the drive and reinstall Windows. Leo also says he should stop using Avast! He doesn't need it.

Watch Austin from Beaumont, TX Comments

Austin has a 5 year old HP all-in-one and it's crashing on him. Leo says it may be that simply backing up his data, wiping the drive, and reinstalling Windows could fix the problem by repairing any corrupt files. It will also clean out any background applications that are running in the background, taxing the system. Using the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool can help. Then he can go to the HP site and update all of his drivers. If it's not a hardware flaw, then that should solve the issue. But if the problem lingers, it could be time to replace the hard drive.

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Watch Kira from Wrightwood, CA Comments

Kira's twin daughters love to listen to Disney music, but she doesn't want to buy it all because it's so expensive. What streaming options does she have? Leo says that Spotify is probably the best one. She can even tie her Spotify account to her Echo. They have a broad range of Disney music channels. Amazon Music Unlimited and Apple Music are other options.

Watch Brian from Nashville, TN Comments

Brian runs an external Thunderbolt 2 drive and Parallels to dual boot into Windows. He upgraded his SSD, which works on his laptop, but it won't attach to his Mac Mini. How can he adapt it? Leo says that the Thunderbolt 3 connector is the same as the USB-C connector. But that doesn't mean it has the Thunderbolt controller built in. So he may need to get a Thunderbolt 3 external enclosure to use it, but it's not cheap. He could use a Type A USB 3.1 data cable connector to the Type-C drive and he should get full throughput. The chatroom suggests this SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C.

But it won't be Thunderbolt 3 speed.

Watch Stacey from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Stacey made a one letter error setting up her iPod and she can't download any music on it. She went to the Apple store and the Genius punted and said to call Apple Care. Leo says that the music industry insisted on using a single iTunes account authorized to an Apple account. Stacey should be able to authorize the iPod using her Apple account. If she resets the iPod through iTunes, she should be able to set it up as a new device. She can find out how to do it with this page here (thanks to Doctor Mom).

iMore has a suggestion here, which involves going to and changing her AppleID. That could maybe fix it.

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Watch Scott from Dallas, TX Comments

Scott has a 500GB TiVo Bolt and wants to set it up to just save the recent week's worth of recordings, not every single recording forever. Leo says it's in the settings. He can set it to just keep a week's worth and delete the rest, as well as to delete when it starts to run out of space. Can he upgrade the hard drive? Leo says yes. He will also probably have to "bless" the hard drive so that TiVo will read it. Leo recommends contacting They can help him upgrade that Bolt.

Watch Mark from Vienna, VA Comments

Mark would like to copy his macOS hard drive to a backup external drive. He did a drag and drop and it's taking forever. Is there a better way? Leo says that his favorite tool is SuperDuper. There's also Carbon Copy Cloner.

The one that Leo recommends most is ChronoSync. It'll sync both hard drives and he can make changes and sync them to his external so that it remains an exact duplicate.

Watch Alan from Denver, CO Comments

Alan is a private pilot and would like to mount cameras on his plane and record. Leo says that's a perfect use for GoPro cameras. They're wide angle, small, and he can mount them just about anywhere. Yi Action Cameras are a competitor of GoPro, and are more affordable. Alan should check out the Mr. Aviation 101 YouTube Channel. They have a few videos on what equipment they use. Can he get audio out into the camera? Leo says that would be a challenge.

Watch Andrew from Riverside, CA Comments

Andrew has a USB external drive that he can't read. How can he get the data off it? Leo says that he can use the external case. If he takes the drive out of it and puts it in another, he may be able to read it.

Watch Joy from Santa Cruz, CA Comments

Joy was trying to post an article on Facebook and got a message that it was blocked according to the EU GDPR regulations. Leo says that Facebook may have thought she was in the EU and would fall under those rules. So Facebook blocked the article. But it may be that Facebook is blocking articles related from European sources. Some news agencies may be blocking EU IP addresses in order to skirt GDPR regulations.

Watch Ron from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Ron wants to know if the Skyroam Solis will route a cell phone call in Japan. Leo says data calls can. Some mobile phones default to Wi-Fi calling while connected. He could use video calls as well.