What's a good mic for video?

Episode 1490 (38:19)

Leon from Glendale, CA
Plantronics USB headset

Leon is a knife and armor blacksmith and makes videos on YouTube. He wants to improve the video quality over a webcam that he uses. He also needs a better microphone. Leo says webcams have a built in microphone that work close up, but from a distance, he'd really need an off camera mic. A USB microphone would work, since Leon uses a webcam. He would just need to configure it in the webcam software while capturing.

The "fuzz" that Leon is complaining about sounds like "clipping," where the audio is just at too high of a level. He should try lowering the level some, and keep it out of the red. A lapel mic would be even better. A headset mic would also be a good idea. Leo recommends a Plantronics USB version.