What's the best 2-factor authentication app?

Episode 1490 (19:11)

Tom from St. Louis, MO

Tom heard that Authy is better than Google Authenticator. Is that true? Leo says that any authenticator will be better than no authenticator at all, especially when keeping password vaults protected. Most services offer 2 factor authentication now, but the danger there is that some SIMs can be duplicated or even hijacked with some creative social engineering. In fact, the authenticator can be re-routed. Authy sends a secret number and combines it with a time of day (hashing) that changes after 30 seconds. So he'd get one shot to use the code within 30 seconds, and then he'd need a fresh one. Authy also keeps all of his special numbers in a central location, which is good for people like Leo who uses multiple devices or sets up a new phone more often that others. It's also very secure.