Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1489 (22:09)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott saw the re-release of 2001: Space Odyssey on 70mm yesterday to celebrate the 50th anniversary. Scott says that the release was shepherded by director Christopher Nolan. Back in 1999, MGM took the original camera negative and made an "interpolative," which Christopher Nolan then took and made new prints from. It wasn't restored, but it's a high quality, high resolution 70mm quality. Leo says he thinks that because of George Lucas fiddling with Star Wars with the "special editions," Nolan wanted to be sure that everyone knows this is the original print that is the closest as possible to director Stanley Kubrick's original vision. Warner Brothers only made 8 prints and are showing it around the country.

Scott says that seeing it reinforced his preference for digital, as the original print has a very narrow dynamic range, dirt and dust, and a tear at the beginning. But Warner's is planning on releasing it on 4K Ultra Blu-Ray with HDR.

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