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Episode 1489 May 19, 2018

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Steve from Newfoundland, CAN Comments

Steve is looking for a motion activated security camera that can run on a cellular network. Leo says that all security cameras are motion activated these days. DropCam and Nest would be the natural choice, but they rely on Wi-Fi.

Leo recommends the Eagle Eye Nubo. It has 2G, 3G and LTE. It's also weather resistant. But he'll want to be sure that it is supported by his carrier. He'll have to get the SIM from them anyway.

Watch Manny from Parkland, FL Comments

Manny wants to store his photos in the cloud, but he wants to have a better quality image stored locally. Leo says that iCloud always keeps the higher quality image in the cloud. In Google Photos, he can turn off "optimize photos" and it will keep the higher quality locally as well. But Leo says he really won't see the difference.

How can Manny back up to the cloud and then keep the full quality locally also? Leo says syncing with iTunes is the way to do that. Either connected or via Wi-Fi sync. Time Machine is also a good way to create a local backup copy as well. He should just make sure it's on a secondary drive. This is the reason that Apple does this.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Mike from Irvine, CA Comments

Mike has an Epson EcoTank 4550 and now it won't print because he's used it too much. Leo says that the EcoTank has enough ink for two years, and since Mike has refilled it once, Leo suspects that the print head needs to be replaced.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)

Watch Linda from Quincy, IL Comments

Linda wants to know if she can run her Android apps on her Windows machine. Leo says that there is an emulator called BlueStacks which is supposed to give Windows users that functionality. But Leo's experience is that it isn't all that consistent. And Leo says this is something that people are starting to want, and why developers are being encouraged to create Progressive Web Apps that run in the cloud.

Watch Frank from Portland, OR Comments

Frank is wondering what software he should use to simply edit together video clips. Leo says that any editor will do this. There are some free ones. VEGAS Movie Studio will work, but he should edit it together before he re-encodes the video in Handbrake. Otherwise he's compressing what is already compressed. He should start with the best quality video files he has.

The chatroom recommends AVIDemux. It will stitch the video together quickly. Another option is an app called mkvtoolnix.

Watch Don from Encinitas, CA Comments

Don bought his own cable modem. What does he need to do to install it? Leo says that he shouldn't have to do anything other than connect it up and then contact his cable provider and give them his MAC address. They'll ping it to activate. He'll want to be sure his modem is supported, though. NetGear should be.

Watch Jeremy from Hisperia, CA Comments

Jeremy is going to college and wants to buy a new MacBook laptop. Leo says he should wait until after June 4th, because Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is happening and they're rumored to be announcing new MacBooks. Leo adds that he would have a broader range of choices going with Windows, and it may be a good idea to contact his college and see what they support, especially if he's in a field of study that is focused. If price is an object, he should get a better computer with a smaller hard drive, but it should be at least 256GB SSD.

Jeremy should look at the Dell XPS 13 or the Lenovo T480. Both will last him for all four years in college, easy.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Edward from Corona, CA Comments

Edward is traveling to Europe for six weeks and wants to know the best option for having cellular service. Leo says that laws in the EU recently changed and roaming is available across the entire EU. So one SIM will work in all countries. Leo recommends going over to It will have information about what the best cell provider is in every country and where to buy a SIM. He'll also need to have his phone unlocked to take a new SIM and he'll get a new number. His other option is to get a MiFi card, which will use cell service to give him Wi-Fi for up to 32 devices. He'll want to turn off data roaming to use it. MiFi cards are pocket sized, too, so he can always have it with him.

Leo likes the SkyRoam Solis. It's $149 but he can just rent it as well. He can also use it to buy a day pass or subscription and turn off his subscription when it's not in use.

Watch Lovica from Junction City, KS Comments

Lovica's Android tablet isn't pairing to her keyboard anymore. Leo says to make sure the Bluetooth is on and ready to pair. Then, double check the battery life of her keyboard to be sure she has enough juice to connect. Many are rechargeable and have very long battery life, but sooner or later she'll need to recharge it to keep using it.

Watch Larry from Altadena, CA Comments

Larry has an Acer Chromebook that freezes up intermittently. Leo says that it may be a good idea to "Powerwash" it from time to time, but it's not a normal thing for the Chromebook to be doing. Powerwashing will completely reset his Chromebook, though, so he should make sure he's backed up.

Watch Jim from Alturas, CA Comments

The Edge browser on Jim's Windows 10 computer has disappeared! What can he do? Leo says to hit the Windows key and type E-D-G-E. If it pops up, it's still on his computer and he probably accidentally deleted the shortcut. He can just right click on it and select "PIN to task bar" or "PIN to startup". Then he'll have it back. If it's really gone, he can always reinstall it from the Microsoft app store.