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Watch Walt from Irvine, CA Comments

Walt has a few hundred CDs and he'd like to rip them, put them on a music server, and then donate them. Leo recommends ripping in a lossless version called FLAC. FLAC is a great because if one needs to re-burn to a CD, they can. If using iTunes, he should use Apple's own lossless codec. Using a Mac that stays on all the time would work, but Leo recommends using a Network Attached Storage device and have that run as the music server. It can also do double duty backing up the network. Leo recommends the Synology brand.

Watch John from Las Vegas, NV Comments

John built a Windows 10 machine, upgrading from Windows 7. But now it's slowing down while playing videos and he has to do a hard reboot to restart it. Leo says there's a setting in the video driver that is for "hardware acceleration." If it's on, he should turn it off. If it's off, he should turn it on. That may fix it. He can right click on the desktop, then click through the following: personalize, display, change display settings, advanced settings, graphics property box, troubleshooting, change settings, display adapter troubleshooter for hardware acceleration. He could try using a different browser or reinstalling the video drivers. It could also be a heat problem.

In Chrome, he should put this into the address bar: chrome://settings/system
He can also try Chrome://GPU and Chrome://flags

Watch Paul from California Comments

Paul is getting a Windows CE error in his car. Leo says that Windows used to have a car edition and it sounds like the firmware has become corrupted. Hyundai wants $3,000 to fix the radio. Leo recommends going to another dealer. The trend is to just replace things, rather than try and fix them. Paul should check out They may have a fix or a solution, and they are big supporters of the right-to-repair movement.

The chatroom suggests resetting the head unit. Here's a video on YouTube on how to do it.

Image By CEFICEFI [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

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Watch Devon from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Devon would like to learn more about AI. Leo says that AI is often used as a marketing term, but it's not really artificial intelligence. It's more machine learning. In reality, we're still decades away from real artificial intelligence.

Image By Jinapattanah [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Watch Scott from Arlington, TX Comments

Scott is an independent author and he says he's worried about data protection requirements under the EU's GDPR rules. Leo says that requirements for data protection is different for an individual than they are for a company with 250 or more. One can use MailChimp to do GDPR and protect the client's data. If he/she has a website that's log enabled then they would also have requirements. It's also not completely clear what the EU's GDPR requirements are, especially for small businesses. The EU is more interested in larger companies than the little guy. Scott also wants to know how he can do SMS Texting from his computer. He doesn't want recipients to have to download an app. Leo says SMS is a service provided by the cell carrier. Scott can send an email with Recipients' (phone number)@(mms.carrier). The nomenclature is different for every carrier, however, and it gets very complicated. But Google is trying to solve that. Google is supporting Rich Communication Services (RCS), and they're hoping to bring the phone companies on board. One other solution is to use Facebook Messenger since almost everyone is on Facebook. Steve calls in to says that Verizon has an app that he can download and text from his desktop. It's called Message+. Justin calls to say that after getting an email from a tester, he can reply to it via email as well and it will go to a text.

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Watch Sam from Florida Comments

Sam has macular degeneration and has to get up close to the screen with a magnifying glass, in order to read it. Leo says to just enlarge the text on the screen. Apple has it built in called the Zoom Pane under the accessibility menu. The Windows feature is called QuickZoom. Ctrl + Alt + L brings up the magnification tool.

Watch Jim from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Jim wants to know why he has to rip a DVD rather than just copy it. Leo says he does not really have to, he just needs software that plays the VTS file. Then he'll have access to the menus and other features. But if he just wants a single movie file, then he will need to rip it and encode it into MP4.

Watch Laurie from Palm Springs, CA Comments

Laurie has a business with a website on Google, and now her website is offline after making a few changes to it. Leo says that it's very easy to make a coding mistake and take a site offline. It's possible that her GoDaddy DNS record has been modified and it no longer resolves to the right web host. So giving GoDaddy a call and having them fix the lookup to reflect the proper DNS address may help solve the problem.

Watch Anne from Oceanside, CA Comments

Anne wants to know how to open a PDF file. All she gets is a blank page. Leo says that she'll have to have a browser that supports PDF, and Internet Explorer doesn't. It needs a helper, like Adobe Acrobat Reader, to read it. Google Chrome and Edge read it natively. Leo recommends downloading a new browser or Acrobat Reader.

Watch Brian from Grass Valley, CA Comments

Brian has a workshop that's about 70 feet from the house and he needs to extend his Wi-Fi network. Obstacles like doors and walls get in the way of the signal. What can he do? Leo says to string a LAN wire out into the ground.