Why can't I update my Linux computer?

Episode 1487 (1:47:00)

Tom from Hawaii

Tom uses Ubuntu, and lately, he's ran into issues updating his HP computer. Leo says that Linux only works on a computer that has drivers that are written for it. When people update, they may run into issues where their drivers have been "broken." It's often a video driver issue. Starting over and trying again will cause Linux to choose the right driver and continue. But if not, then it's a driver or hardware compatibility issue.

Leo has a hunch that Tom's USB key isn't set up properly. He should set up the key to make sure it can boot up to, and run, Linux. He should follow the instructions on how to make a proper USB installation key. Then Tom should be able to boot right to it and run the OS, and install from the live installer.

Alan called in and said that he gets that error and running the installation again solves the problem. The first installation fails because it then has to repair the drive and then he can install regularly.