Why is my internet access so slow?

Episode 1486 (1:15:05)

John from Los Angeles, CA

John has a problem where after about 10 minutes, his router drops to a slow crawl. He's done Windows Repair, reinstalled Windows, and even replaced his router. What else can he do to solve the issue? Leo says that it's possible that the computer is doing something in the background. Leo doesn't like having to rely on the routers provided by an ISP. They're usually old, haven't been updated, and he'd end up paying monthly for them. John should see if there's a router log. He can look there to see what's taking up all the bandwidth. Windows 10 has a data usage tool that will show him usage stats, but Leo recommends INSIIDER, a third party app that really gets into the details and is color coded to make it easy to read.

John should also tell Windows 10 that he's on a metered connection. He'll find that in his network settings. That will prevent Windows from taking up all his bandwidth for uploading.

The chatroom found this article from HowToGeek.com about setting up a metered connection on Windows 10.