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Watch Kevin from Tampa, FL Comments

Kevin wants to know if he should wait to get a new iPad Pro. Apple will be announcing a new one either at WWDC in June or sometime this fall. Rich says that nobody really knows when Apple is putting out a product, but there is a website that keeps track of when previous models have been released. Kevin should check out They give recommendations on the best time to buy Apple products. According to the buyers guide, the 10.9" iPad Pro is due for a refresh since it was introduced at WWDC last year. The 12.5" is a little longer. So if he's looking at the larger iPad Pro, it's a good time to buy. But if he wants the smaller one, it's probably best to wait until after WWDC to pull the trigger.

Watch Sheldon from Sherman Oaks, CA Comments

Sheldon has bought a SmartThings security system and wants to know if he can incorporate a keypad to disarm the alarm, rather than using a mobile device. The chatroom says that the ADT Security Hub will work, but Rich says that's an expensive option that requires monthly monitoring. SmartThings has other options to consider here, though.

Rich says it'll be a headache to try and mash up everything together. He recommends returning the SmartThings system and getting SimpliSafe. It's turnkey, and has everything he'll need. It's also easy to set up.

(Disclaimer: SimpliSafe is a sponsor)

Watch Christine from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Christine hates the iPhone Calendar. She wants her Google Calendar to be the default. Rich says that iOS is sandboxed and there's no way to set a default app that would send her information where she wants. Rich recommends going into the iPhone's calendar settings and setting Google Calendar as her main calendar. Then all she will see is the Google Calendar. It's still using the iPhone calendar app, but it's all her Google Calendar information. That's about as good as she can get it.

As for invites, Rich hates invites. He prefers to delete them.

Watch Frank from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Frank is having issues with Firefox. He loses his logins, bookmarks, etc when logging into another computer. Rich says Frank needs to turn on Sync in Firefox in order to see them from computer to computer. The other option is to use Safari on his computer since he also uses an iPad.

Watch Jeff from Lakewood, CA Comments

Jeff has a Brother printer, and every few hours, it loses its connection to his network and he has to sign back in. Rich says that the printer may go to sleep and if he presses the button on the printer, it wakes it up and the computer finds it again. But Jeff says he has tried it, and Windows still says it's offline. Jeff says it may also need a firmware update.

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Watch Erin from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Erin is on her fourth Microsoft Surface tablet and it keeps failing on her. Microsoft keeps replacing it, but she's nearing the end of her warranty and is worried that once it passes, she'll out of luck. Rich says he's had a similar issue and he's read that this is a more widespread problem. Depending on how she paid for it, some credit cards have an extended warranty. But she'll also have lemon law protection.

Watch Ellen from Orange County, CA Comments

Ellen is concerned that with a camera, microphone and GPS, that her phone could be spying on her. Rich says that one company, ZTE, was banned in the US because its phone was collecting user information and phoning home with it. But Rich says that was probably a software issue. Phones aren't really spying on people, per se. But when she signs up for free services like Facebook, they are aggregating a lot of user behavior that is used to push ads to her. It seems like spying, but it's more that it provides information for her based on her interests and online behavior. Whether Ellen thinks it's a good thing is another matter, but it's in the terms of service agreement.

Watch Jerry from Hatfield, PA Comments

Jerry wants to know if he can bypass local stations and still get network programming. Rich says networks are all setup to route through the local station. He can't really get a raw feed that bypasses it.

Watch Chester from Bellflower, CA Comments

Chester had to return a phone, and he wants to know how he can get the old photos off it? He's told he has to get them off the cloud, because the phones were returned. Rich says that if his phone didn't have a miniSD card that the images were saved on, they're probably gone. If he turned on cloud backup, however, he may find them there. Samsung has a service called Samsung Cloud. He should log in and see if he can find them there. This is why he should have more than one backup solution. Google Photos is a good one.

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Watch Maurice from Florida Comments

Maurice says that Echo is a great idea, and Amazon's $35 Connect box makes it possible to call 911 in emergency situations. Rich says that Echo is designed to not dial 911 because the infrastructure isn't set up for it yet. That's why the optional connect box is a good idea until they get it figured out. But it also has to do with location services for 911. It has to know where the emergency really is.

Watch Gary from Irvine, CA Comments

Gary needs a new TV and wants to cut the cord. Rich suggests checking out It will walk him through the process of cord cutting and recommend streaming services based on what he wants to watch. He will have to keep his internet service to stream it, however. And for some channels, he may need an antenna, and it comes down to where he lives on whether or not that will be practical. He'll need line of sight to the broadcast antennas. can help there too.

All of the above offer streaming services.

Watch David from Hollywood, CA Comments

David uninstalled some software, but he still gets a program error. Rich says when uninstalling a program, sometimes not everything gets removed because the uninstaller isn't complete. Rich recommends using the website

Watch Joyce from Hollywood, CA Comments

Joyce is getting a new TV. Who makes the best digital antenna that can boost the signal? She gets some terrible coverage, even though the FCC says her signal should be moderate. Rich says that the FCC's rating is conditional. She may not get as good as it says she can. Rich says that the Mohu Leaf is a good one but not for Joyce's situation. The Leaf Glide is a better model for $90.

Joyce should check out or for other suggestions.