What security camera should I buy?

Episode 1483 (1:31:21)

Chris from Stevenson Ranch, CA
Ring Floodlight Cam

Chris is looking to get security cameras. Should he go with Nest or Ring? Should he have a service? Rich says he has a combination of the two, but it depends on if he wants a managed solution. Rich says that there really isn't a need to have a managed solution. It's expensive from month to month. Chris can piece together his own solution and do just as good.

SimpliSafe is a great option because it offers home security and surveillance. Ring's video doorbell is terrific, though. Whenever someone comes to the door, he'd get notified on his phone and he can talk to them. Nest cams can be put indoor or outdoors, but they're overpriced, and he'd have to pay a monthly or yearly fee for DVR service. Ring is just $30 a year for archiving video. Amazon's CloudCam would give him 14 days of clips for free. $119 a piece or 3 for $300. Amazon has bought Ring now too, so the price is going down. Ring also has a flood light with motion detection and a camera in it.

(Disclaimer: SimpliSafe and Ring are sponsors)