Why can't I get local channels on DirecTV Now?

Episode 1482 (10:48)

Roger from Florida

Roger is a cord cutter, who uses an antenna to watch live television. He's just at the edge of the range and sometimes the signal drops out. He decided to go with DirecTV Now and there's still no local channels. Leo says it depends on where he is. Roger's DSL line shows that he's 75 miles away from he actually is, and so DirecTV Now won't give him local channels. Leo says IP Geo location is notoriously inaccurate, at most a best guess. Leo says that AT&T needs to fix that, because they're using a lousy IP location service.

Roger could ask AT&T to give him an IP closer to him, but it's unlikely to solve the problem. Leo recommends trying YouTube TV and see if he gets a better result. Google might be better at knowing where he actually is. Other options are Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. All of them have free month trials.