Bad month for self driving cars

Episode 1482 (02:21)

Google's Lexus RX 450h Self-Driving Car

April has been a bad month for self driving cars, as both a driver and pedestrian have died from accidents. Leo says that California is giving Google a permit for a self driving car called WayMo, which will have no safety driver. The irony isn't lost on Leo, and while he believes that self driving cars are better than human control, they're never going to be 100%. There's more testing that needs to be done and they should have a safety driver until the bugs are ironed out.

Disengagement numbers, where a safety driver takes over, indicate that Uber can only go 13 miles before a safety driver has to take over, while Google's WayMo can go 5600 miles before a driver takes over. So Uber has a lot of work to do and we're in the early days of this new technology.

Image By Driving_Google_Self-Driving_Car.jpg: Steve Jurvetsonderivative work: Mariordo [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons