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Episode 1482 April 22, 2018

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Audience Questions

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Watch Roger from Florida Comments

Roger is a cord cutter, who uses an antenna to watch live television. He's just at the edge of the range and sometimes the signal drops out. He decided to go with DirecTV Now and there's still no local channels. Leo says it depends on where he is. Roger's DSL line shows that he's 75 miles away from he actually is, and so DirecTV Now won't give him local channels. Leo says IP Geo location is notoriously inaccurate, at most a best guess. Leo says that AT&T needs to fix that, because they're using a lousy IP location service.

Roger could ask AT&T to give him an IP closer to him, but it's unlikely to solve the problem. Leo recommends trying YouTube TV and see if he gets a better result. Google might be better at knowing where he actually is. Other options are Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. All of them have free month trials.

Watch Jack from Maine Comments

Jack is in the banking industry and he recently left his job. But when he did, he lost his Apple ID and they remote wiped his phone. Will he have trouble switching it over to a new Apple ID and will he lose all the apps, music, etc. that he bought? Leo says that Jack should be able to go to the Apple ID and change the email associated with it. They'll look for confirmation on the old email, though. He'll need to also log into the old Apple ID account and turn off Find My iPhone and back up to iCloud.

Leo says that he'll need to contact Apple and see what they can do. They have the keys to the kingdom. All he needs to do is prove he is who he says he is, and they'll free it up. Macworld has an article on how to change the ID email without access to the old account here.

Watch Don from Dana Point, CA Comments

Don wants to know if he can use Microsoft Office with his Note 8 Android phone. Leo says yes, and that's because it's attached to his Outlook/Office account. There's even an Office Android app that's even better, and it's free. It's a great experience too, and this is why Microsoft is selling Samsung Galaxy phones in its stores.

Watch Jan from Bakersfield, CA Comments

Jan is starting to lose her hearing, and wants to know what she can do to still hear people when she's talking on the phone. Leo says he has smart hearing aids that connect to his phone via Bluetooth and he can hear his phone great. If she can't afford those, then she can get headphones or earbuds that will use the phone's headphone jack. Jan has been using Google Fi, so in getting a new phone, she'll need to either get a Motorola Moto phone or a Google Pixel. Those are the only two phones that will work on Google Fi.

Watch Alan from West LA, CA Comments

Alan wants to know if all USB-C cables are created equal. Leo says they aren't. In fact, some cheaper models may end up bricking his phone! So he'll have to be careful. Type C cables are better built, and they also transfer data. In the end, he'll get what he pays for. Leo recommends braided cables. They last a lot longer and are about $10. Leo likes Anker. Alan should follow Benson Leung. He is really into testing cables.

Watch Paul from Riverside, CA Comments

Paul has a Dell workstation running Windows 7, but when he opens the contacts, the screen goes wonky and it jitters to the point where he can't use it. He swapped devices and it doesn't repeat, and it's not the cables. Leo says that narrows it down to the video card. But he tried it with a different monitor and it does it. So that indicates a weird browser problem that gets triggered by the monitor. Leo says to boot into safe mode and remove Chrome. Then he should try and reinstall it. It could just be a bad install.

Watch Scott from Maine Comments

Scott got his daughter an iPhone 7 and he wants to know the best way to lock it down to protect her online activity. Leo says that there are parental controls built into the iPhone, but there are apps that really take it to a new level. He can block apps and features as well. He can even white list numbers that would allow calls while disallowing others. He should also look at what restrictions the carrier offers. There are kid friendly browsers. iBlacklist will filter calls and SMS. OurPact is one that not only blocks what he needs, but will also enable him to locate his daughter.

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Watch Jerry from Anaheim, CA Comments

When visits Facebook, he's been having issues where the page scrolls on its own. Leo says if it happened everywhere, it could be a stuck down key, but since it only happens on Facebook, that's an indicator for software. Could someone be taking over his account? Leo says probably not. Just in case, however, he should go into his Facebook settings and turn on 2nd factor authentication. Then if someone tries to hack his account, it'll send him a notification asking if he's logging in. If it's not him, they can't log in. Also, when he uses a public computer, he'll need to wipe out the memory cache before he leaves.

This leads to a corrupted memory cache. The files loaded in cache from Facebook could have gotten corrupted. Resetting his browser will fix that.

Watch Ed from Rialto, CA Comments

Ed wants to know how he can save YouTube videos. Leo says that there are plenty of third party sites, like KeepVid, that can do it. But it doesn't work with all videos. If he puts the letters "pp" after YouTube in the URL, it'll download the video by adding a download button. So he just will need to go to It's web based, but it should do the trick. and SaveFrom.Net are other options.

Watch Jim from Bonny Lake, WA Comments

Jim bought an Dell Inspiron Windows tablet and he's getting a message that he's running out of room. Leo says most of that space is probably being taken up by Windows. The usable storage space after installing Windows is drastically smaller. User Data can be deleted to make more room. There's also a disk cleanup utility that he can use to make more room.

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Watch Brian from Indiana Comments

Brian builds Raspberry Pi computers for everything from running DVRs (via Kodi) to routers. Leo says that Raspberry Pis are great and for $35, they're incredibly powerful. But his HDMI switch died recently, and it won't recognize his Pi anymore. Leo says that HDMI switchers are notoriously finicky. He'd be better off with an A/V receiver with multiple HDMI ports. It's the best way to go because the audio gets switched and stays in sync as well.

Watch Mike from Highland, CA Comments

Mike is building a social media platform that won't spy or censor it's users. It's called Simply Social. It's currently on IndiGoGo.

Watch Mike from Maine Comments

Mike just got a Linx tablet for about $100. It came with 32GB storage, a keyboard, case, and micro SD card slot. It can take 128 GB. Leo says that the problem with them is that he'll likely have trouble upgrading it. So if he can install his apps on the microSD card, that's a good way to go. What can he do to make sure he can update it? Leo says that most of the stuff that uses up space can be stored on that microSD card. That'll keep his on board storage free for updating.

Watch Arnie from San Fernando, CA Comments

Arnie gets constant updates on Windows 10, but the last one won't let him shut down the computer. It starts to shut down, the screen goes black, but the computer won't turn off. Leo says it's a failure of Windows update, where it stops the shut down process until all programs are closed out. Many services are running in the background and they have to shut down before the computer turns off. If there's a bad process that won't stop, it causes the computer to stay on, crashing the computer. It's very common. To diagnose it, Arnie should look in Task Manager and see what's running. He should close down each task and try to shut down. That will indicate what program needs repair or a reinstall.

Process Explorer is free from SysInternals at Microsoft. That is more powerful and will let him know what's running. Another issue is something called "fast startup." He should disable that. He can right click Start, then click Power Options. He should look for "Change settings that are currently unavailable", and uncheck Fast Startup. That could fix it.