Why is my iMac getting so slow?

Episode 1480 (1:31:55)

LeBaron from Mobile, AL

LeBaron has a 2010 iMac computer that is getting very slow, and Leo suspects that the culprit is a failing hard drive. The upgrade is non-trivial, but it can be done. Leo recommends going with a solid state drive to make it a heck of a lot faster. Then connect an external drive for the data. What Leo recommends is going to Otherworld Computing and look up the model. You can see what parts are needed, along with tools. Then decide whether to try to DIY or to have it done by a technician.

LeBaron wants to also buy a cheap mp3 player to play his iTunes music. But the music has copy protection. Leo says one can get iTunes Match for a year and it will strip all the copy protection and put the music in the cloud. Once it's all matched, one can then download it back down, copy protection free. It'll also be higher quality 256kb. Check out this comparison if iTunes Music and iTunes Match - https://www.imore.com/apple-music-vs-itunes-match-whats-difference