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Watch Gloria from Valley Village, CA Comments

Gloria is having trouble getting a local radio station over her landline. Leo says that often happens when living near a powerful 50,000 watt radio station. It can not only leach into phone lines, but also teeth fillings. She also has a modem connected via splitter so she can plug in her phone. Leo says to try removing everything and plug the phone directly into the wall. Leo suspects the phone line was accidentally cut, and she should call the phone company.

Watch Nick from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Nick wants to know about the DirecTV Genie 2. Does it do 4k? Leo says that DirecTV claims to offer two separate 4K streams, but he wonders how legit that is. 4K satellite is very compressed.

Watch Ezekiel from California Comments

Ezekiel has a leftover phone that he uses as an mp3 player. It isn't activated and all he can use it for is an mp3 player. Leo says that even if users haven't activated it, they can still connect via WiFi. And they can also download it. At the least, I Heart Radio is caching the show while Ezekiel is listening to it, making it local to his device.

Watch Joshua from California Comments

Joshua has a Blackmagic switcher with his Lenovo laptop for his church. He's trying to put words on the live feed, with a background using the Easy Worship software. But they say he needs a video card with dual HDMI ports. Leo says that's called "Chyron," and Lower Thirds. The ATEM Switcher should be able to do it, though, even without the Easy Worship software. In fact, the ATEM doesn't need a separate computer at all - It's turnkey, try taking that out of the mix. Leo also says that if you're using the software, try using the scripture verses as an alpha channel, so that all the text appears and nothing else. Then make the camera a downstream key. There should be an overlay setting on the ATEM that will allow you to then enable it through the switcher.

The Chatroom says there's youtube video on how to do it here -

Also, here's a lower third tutorial

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Watch Karen from Diamond Bar, CA Comments

Karen's computer got taken over by a scammer who convinced her that he was from AOL when she was having trouble with her account. Leo says that gaining control of her computer remotely likely gave him that control and the only thing she can do is backup her data, format her hard drive, and reinstall windows from a known, good source. If one needs help from AOL, contact them directly here -

This is why Leo is recommending most people use Chromebooks now. For basic internet use, it's more than adequate while Windows is overkill.

Watch Neil from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Neil wants to be able to merge all his email accounts to one domain that he owns himself. That way he can control his email account without relying on a third party. Leo says that's a good idea. And he can do that without having to run an email server. He can use Gmail to go out and get all his email and aggregate it into a central point. He can also attach the domain name to it, while able to route all his mail into different folders to keep them all organized.

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Watch LeBaron from Mobile, AL Comments

LeBaron has a 2010 iMac computer that is getting very slow, and Leo suspects that the culprit is a failing hard drive. The upgrade is non-trivial, but it can be done. Leo recommends going with a solid state drive to make it a heck of a lot faster. Then connect an external drive for the data. What Leo recommends is going to Otherworld Computing and look up the model. You can see what parts are needed, along with tools. Then decide whether to try to DIY or to have it done by a technician.

LeBaron wants to also buy a cheap mp3 player to play his iTunes music. But the music has copy protection. Leo says one can get iTunes Match for a year and it will strip all the copy protection and put the music in the cloud. Once it's all matched, one can then download it back down, copy protection free. It'll also be higher quality 256kb. Check out this comparison if iTunes Music and iTunes Match -

Watch Larry from California Comments

Larry went to NAB and saw the SONY Crystal LED (CLED) video wall - 18x32' 8K display. This is likely going to be a technology for billboards, video walls, movie theaters, and other hugely expensive applications.

What's a good, secure VPN? Leo recommends Tiny Hardware Firewall's Blackhole VPN. They don't log anything, nor do they report stuff.

Watch Kelsa from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Kelsa is still using Windows Vista and has finally decided it's time to get a new computer. What should she get? She's a freelance reporter and actor, so she needs a lot of space and the ability to edit video. Leo says that for video editing, she should be looking to get either an iMac or Windows machine. Since she's against Mac, she should get a better quality Dell with an SSD and then use a lower budget editing program like Adobe Premiere Elements for under $100. Leo gets Dell Inspiron workstations for editing video at TWiT. An i5 or the AMD Ryzen processor would be fine. 16GB or RAM. 512GB SSD drive. Expect to spend under a $1,000. Dell also has some affordable 27" monitors.