Why does Dell use used parts for repair?

Episode 1479 (1:20:13)

David from Hollywood, CA

David is a filmmaker and uses an Alienware computer for editing. But after six months it's having issues, and he's had to replace the motherboard, battery, and now he's having other issues and Alienware wants to replace it with a refurbished laptop. He also found out they've been replacing his parts with used parts. Leo says that's a common practice since they get computers back for return and can't sell them as new. So they use the computers as parts to repairs. The parts are still perfectly good. But they should tell you that is what they are doing. You can read the Dell warranty terms and conditions here - http://www.dell.com/learn/us/en/uscorp1/terms-conditions/art-limited-har....
Demand a new one! Leo says you don't have to pay extra for gaming hardware. Dell's regular line is just as powerful for video editing.