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Episode 1479 (1:58:57)

The new Waterpik Sidekick has ultra-compact and convenient design. Dubbed the Waterpik Sidekick Water Flosser, it's great for travel and makes it easy to water floss anywhere, anytime. As you see in Dick's video below, it collapses easily for storage and fits in almost any purse or briefcase. It comes with a new flossing stylus with integrated classic tip and swivel handle. The tips are not changeable, so this is designed for a single user. The company says it removes up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas. One neat feature is the global voltage plug. (The unit is not battery powered.) The plug is stored in the base of the unit and is held there magnetically. Kit includes storage case, flossing stylus, 13 ounce (400 ml) water reservoir, global voltage (100 240VAC, 60/50Hz) plus, and 3-year warranty. It ships in white, black, and there is a rose and white version too. MSRP is $129.99, but on 4/13/18 it was $110 on Amazon, and there was a $15 off coupon available, which would drop the price to $95.00. Prices on Amazon can change daily, however.

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