Why did my webcam stop working after removing malware?

Episode 1478 (23:00)

Melanie from Irvine, CA
HP Webcam

Melanie finally managed to get her Gmail fixed. After the computer tech removed malware from her computer, her webcam doesn't work. Leo says that there's a lot of people out there that know a lot about computers and considering how bad tech support has gotten, they can be valuable help. But sometimes they can break more than they can fix, and this is one example of that. Leo suspects that while the tech was cleaning out the malware, the malware attached itself to a file and it was then removed. Or, he wiped out Melanie's browser plugins. It's hard to tell.

Melanie should check the Windows camera app and see if the webcam works. If it does, then there's an issue with the Zoom webcam software. If Windows doesn't see the camera, even in the device manager, then that means the drivers were removed. Normally, when restarting the computer, Windows will see the missing drivers and reinstall them. Leo recommends going to the HP site to download all the drivers for her model, then reinstall them. Sometimes that fixes the issue. She can also scan for hardware changes within the Device Manager.

The worst case scenario is that she backs up her data and reinstalls Windows. She should press the Windows Key and type "Recovery". She should choose to keep her files and let it go. If that doesn't work, then she should remove everything and reinstall.