How can I prevent getting spam?

Episode 1478 (1:26:13)

Terry from Bozeman, MT
Gmail icon

Terry's computer has gotten old enough that it can't be updated anymore. How can she set up a new computer so that it won't get spam? Leo says that free email is prone to spam, but each has varying degrees of spam filters. Gmail has really good spam filters, for instance. Leo recommends Gmail and she can have it go get her Outlook mail, then filter out the spam. She can also keep the mail on the webmail server, so it never stays on her computer.

Terry's old Kindle also doesn't connect to the net anymore. What can she do? Leo says that Amazon used to use WhisperNet, which was 3G, so they may have disconnected it. She can go into the Kindle settings and set it up to use her own Wi-Fi instead.