How can I backup my Gmail account?

Episode 1478 (34:56)

Peter from Los Angeles, CA
The Horcrux Gmail Backup

Peter was locked out of his Gmail account and it was a chore to get it back. But now he wants to back up his Gmail account so if it happens again, he doesn't lose anything. Leo says that for the Mac, there's a program called Horcrux which continually backs up Gmail. It works in the background and creates a database of email. For Windows, there's Gmail Backup. Backupify is another one.This is why Leo uses a paid service like Fast Mail. It offers real support and privacy.

Are Chromebooks safe for public Wi-Fi use? Leo says it's as safe as any other computer on a public network, but it is safe because he can Powerwash it if any problems arise. But it won't prevent anything from being "snarfed" from out of the air. If he's using an encrypted connection, he's safe.