April Fool's Jokes on the Decline Over the Years

Episode 1476 (1:24:34)

Happy April Fool's Day

The internet used to be filled with jokes for April Fool's, but that trend has been on the decline lately. Even Google, the company that would always do very elaborate pranks on April Fool's Day has backed off from it. Google did do at least one thing, however. Google Maps has a "Where's Waldo" game you can play. Google also announced "Google Cloud Hummus."

T-Mobile announced a smart shoe phone called Sidekicks, which is supposedly a smart shoe phone inside a magenta colored sneaker. Gaming company Razer announced "Project Venom 2," a nanobot-based upgrade that turns you into gaming hardware. Pokemon Go was all in 8-bit. Ironically there was one announcement that sounded like an April Fool's joke that wasn't. Cloudflare announced a new DNS service:

If you noticed any April Fool's jokes, put them in the comments!

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