Should I get my dad an iPad?

Episode 1475 (1:02:12)

John from Massachusetts
Apple iPad Pro

John is trying to get his dad involved in computers and wants to get an iPad Pro so he can learn, send emails, etc. Leo says he got his mom a 12" iPad and she loves it. The accessibility features are great for elderly people, but the display can be hard to read for a senior. Another option is a Chromebook. They are super secure and easy to use, only working with a Chrome browser. He could also get a Chromebox which is essentially a desktop version. But iPads are great for seniors who are doing light typing and internet access.

Does the iPad have a file system? Leo says sort of. Every app has its own sandbox with limited sharing. There is a Files app though, but not like a desktop file system.

What about Android tablets? Leo says he would advise against it. He should go with the Chromebook, Chromebox or Chrome all-in-one. Those are the best value.