How can I create 360-degree stills and videos?

Episode 1475 (1:37:56)

Shawn from Tampa, FL
Woman with VR headset on

Shawn is an architect, and he has invested in some 3D technology that allows him to do walkthroughs and 360-degree video. The background format he uses is called a Skybox. He wants to be able to go out to a client's land and put together his own background so he can give the clients an idea of what it will be like as a finished product. Leo says that the Skybox file format is particular to Enscape, but he says it's also easy to convert to another format. He should look for a way to convert Skybox to a YouTube video or Facebook. He can also just stitch together his images into a 360-degree view, but that's a lot harder. It's much easier to use a 360-degree camera like the Samsung Gear VR and then use their software to convert it to a standard 360-degree video format.