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Watch Nathan from Canada Comments

Nathan discovered a new app called CTV Global Go on his Apple TV that he can't get rid of. He keeps resetting his Apple TV to get rid of it and it keeps coming back. Leo says that it's possible his internet carrier is doing it, but that would be odd since the app is a competitor to Rogers Cable. His mobile carrier could do it. It's possible that if the app is on his iPad or iPhone, it could sync over. He should check settings on the Apple TV for syncing apps. He should disable that, then reset the Apple TV again.

Watch Dar from Hollywood, CA Comments

Dar wants to know how to stream his nightly podcast on YouTube Live. Leo says it depends on what he's using for his show now. First, he'll need to set up an official YouTube account for his nightly podcast. Then he can start uploading videos. He'll have to get 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewed hours before he can qualify for live streaming. Then YouTube should just enable the live streaming in YouTube Studio. Leo says that super-serving his audience by targeting their niche will get him plenty of success and exposure.

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Watch John from Massachusetts Comments

John is trying to get his dad involved in computers and wants to get an iPad Pro so he can learn, send emails, etc. Leo says he got his mom a 12" iPad and she loves it. The accessibility features are great for elderly people, but the display can be hard to read for a senior. Another option is a Chromebook. They are super secure and easy to use, only working with a Chrome browser. He could also get a Chromebox which is essentially a desktop version. But iPads are great for seniors who are doing light typing and internet access.

Does the iPad have a file system? Leo says sort of. Every app has its own sandbox with limited sharing. There is a Files app though, but not like a desktop file system.

What about Android tablets? Leo says he would advise against it. He should go with the Chromebook, Chromebox or Chrome all-in-one. Those are the best value.

Watch Michael from Nashville, TN Comments

Michael wants to know if he needs the Echo app to use his Alexa. Leo says yes, he does, but he could also just use a computer. He'll just need the Alexa app to set up the Echo. So if he has a computer, that will work. A smartphone is easier, however. He can also set it up with the Amazon Alexa website. Once it's all setup, he won't need it.

Watch Mike from Tiburon, CA Comments

Mike is going to China and wants to know how he can use Gmail, Facebook or Twitter. Leo says that it changes all the time depending on the social unrest that's going on. There is a Wikipedia page that will show him. One thing he can do is create a Yahoo Mail account, have Gmail fetch it, and then use that. It's a workaround but it can work. He may be able to go to the .CN versions of websites, though.

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Watch Shawn from Tampa, FL Comments

Shawn is an architect, and he has invested in some 3D technology that allows him to do walkthroughs and 360-degree video. The background format he uses is called a Skybox. He wants to be able to go out to a client's land and put together his own background so he can give the clients an idea of what it will be like as a finished product. Leo says that the Skybox file format is particular to Enscape, but he says it's also easy to convert to another format. He should look for a way to convert Skybox to a YouTube video or Facebook. He can also just stitch together his images into a 360-degree view, but that's a lot harder. It's much easier to use a 360-degree camera like the Samsung Gear VR and then use their software to convert it to a standard 360-degree video format.

Watch Paul from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Paul created a "man cave" with a great home theater system, but now he's getting a 60" Samsung UHD TV for the family room. He wants to get a good, budget sound bar. Leo says that one of the best out there is from Vizio. But he'll want to get one with a subwoofer, and Polk Audio makes a good setup called the MagniFi Mini for under $300. Sonos may be a good alternative because it has multiroom capability, but it's not cheap. Yamaha makes a good one for under $350 as well.

Watch Michael from Palm Desert, CA Comments

Michael wants to know if he can use a program from the old DOS days called MORE. Leo says to go to It may not run on a modern system without an emulator, though.

Image By Javier Cantero (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Watch Patty from Temecula, CA Comments

Patty's daughter is going to spend a year in Great Britain. How can she bring along her cell phone? Leo says she could run into serious data roaming charges, so he recommends just getting a local SIM and number. She could check out She may have to get her phone unlocked to do it, but it will work. Some companies like Sprint have a "world plan" but if she adopts it, she may lose the current plan she has. Better yet, she should just get a phone in England because that way she'll know the radios will work. She'll have an English number, but that's OK.