What's a good all-in-one PC?

Episode 1474 (47:04)

Chris from North Carolina
HP Envy All-in-One

Chris is looking to get an all-in-one for his wife. Leo says that it could be good, especially for under $800. The HP Pavillion all-in-one is quite nice, but if he's willing to spend a little bit more, the HP Envy is even better. Especially the one with the large curved screen, but that's $2,000.

Does i5 or i3 really make a difference? Leo says he should get the i5. The i3 is an i5 with a disabled cache. He'll want the extra cache, so he should go with the i5. The i7 is overkill for what they'll be doing with it. He should get 8GB of RAM at least, and an SSD will make it faster as well. Then he can use an external spinning drive for backup and storage. Do they come with optical drives? Leo says not anymore. He can get an external USB drive for $50, though.