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Episode 1473 March 24, 2018

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Audience Questions

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Watch Glen from Malibu, CA Comments

Glen has a ton of images on his iPhone and some are duplicates. How can he get rid of them? Apple says he has to delete them one at a time. If Glen has them backed up to iCloud with the iCloud Photo Library, he can enable "optimize disc space" on his phone. That will replace the full-size versions with smaller versions on the iPhone, while iCloud keeps the full-size versions. But once he deletes them, they get deleted from iCloud as well. This is why Leo recommends Google Photos, which offers to automatically delete images off the phone once they're backed up to Google Photos.

The problem is, it's really hard to tell if a duplicate really is a duplicate or not. There are apps he can run that will analyze them and remove them, but it can be risky. It's not perfect. The only sure way is to do it manually.

Jim from Tallahassee, FL called in to suggest a program called Easy Duplicate Finder, which he says works really well to get rid of duplicate images and files.

Watch Todd from Torrance, CA Comments

Todd loves his Motorola Moto mobile phone because it has an FM receiver in it. Leo says that it's built into the Qualcomm chip set, but most manufacturers don't enable it, or actually disable it. That's because the phone companies want people to stream music and use data, rather than get it free over the air. Why don't phones have AM chips in them? Leo says that noise would probably prevent that.

Watch Chip from Cherry Hill, PA Comments

Chip wants to know if he needs an agent to be a voiceover actor or can he just have a great website? Leo says that he probably still needs an agent, but he's also heard that actors who have a great social media following are getting cast more. There are online sites that can help with that, like

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Watch Bonnie from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Bonnie bought a new computer and when she plugged in her external hard drive, it said it was empty. Leo says that if she still has the old system, she should plug the hard drive back in and see if the files are there. If not, then something went wrong and she didn't back up her data as she thought. That's why it's always a good idea to keep the old system around for awhile until she's moved everything over. Windows 10 should be able to see the files from that XP drive no problem.

If she dragged her files over, they should be there. If she used special software, it could be that those files are invisible or even encrypted. The key here is to make sure she has a good copy of the data when backing up files.

Watch Jim from Tallahassee, FL Comments

Jim says that a program called Easy Duplicate Finder works really well to get rid of duplicate images and files, but it isn't free.

Watch Jeremy from Moorpark, CA Comments

Jeremy is currently running Windows 10 Creators Update as a beta called Redstone 4. It's probably the least reliable build because it's a build that won't be shipped for six more months. Redstone 3 will be a better beta build because it's going to ship any time now. It's better to install that one. That's why they have public betas: to get enthusiasts to shake out all the bugs. But the farther off a beta is, the more unreliable it will be.

Watch Jerry from Pennsylvania Comments

Jerry has a new laptop with Windows 10 and his mouse doesn't work. He tried it with a different computer and it works. Leo says the problem with wireless mice is that they fail without notice. The dongle may be the culprit, but it may also be the batteries. Since it works fine with another computer, that tends to point to a driver or the specialized software that came with the mouse. Jerry should just reinstall the software. He can also try a different USB port. One of his ports may be broken. That's why Leo prefers the good old-fashioned wired mouse. It's reliable.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Brian from Indio, CA Comments

Brian keeps trying to log into his Amazon account on his Fire Stick, but the remote keeps locking up. Leo says that it's possible there's a bad remote or Fire Stick that's causing the remote to crash. If the remote locks up, the Fire Stick can work with an external Bluetooth keyboard as well. So that's an option as a workaround. But Leo suspects that it's just a bad one, and Amazon will replace it pretty quickly.

The chatroom suggests using the Amazon Fire Stick app on the smartphone.

Watch David from Florida Comments

David uses a bunch of different browsers and everyone wants to save his passwords. It seems easier, but he says that it fills in the wrong password often. Leo says that's probably because David has multiple password managers and they are fighting. It's like antivirus software. It's best to have just one. Relying on the browser saving passwords isn't safe because that's not their main business and many have security flaws. David should use one password manager like LastPass, and it will input the right password.

(Disclaimer: LastPass is a sponsor)

Watch Henry from Garden Grove, CA Comments

Henry wants to extend his Wi-Fi upstairs. What extender should he use? Leo says he has a few options. Mesh routers are great because they have satellites that he can plug into each room, creating a wireless grid for his home. These usually come with a base station and a few extenders. They're a bit pricey, but they have the advantage of having full duplex communication, so the speed isn't cut as it's passing along the signal. They also have great security features, they're easy to maintain through the app, and they update automatically. All router manufacturers now offer built-in Mesh capabilities, but Eero, Plume, and Netgear's Orbi are the best.

His other challenge may be metal in the house. It could turn his home into a faraday cage. That's where powerline networking comes in handy because it will use his electrical grid as a wired mesh network.

(Disclaimer: Eero is a sponsor)

Watch Garth from Lena, WI Comments

Garth turned on his phone and it suddenly started download information into his contact list. Where did it come from? Leo says that smartphone contact lists often go into social networks and sync information to the contacts list. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all have that feature.

Watch Andre from Irvine, CA Comments

Andre has a few Nest devices connected to his router, and one is connected to a guest network. Is that more secure? Leo says no. While guest access doesn't have access to passwords, they do have access to his entire network. Nest is secure, though. Plume offers a great feature - internet-only access to a guest network.