Why can't I open my old Word files?

Episode 1471 (2:24:16)

Scott from Los Angeles, CA
Microsoft Word

Scott is having trouble reading old word files in Microsoft Word. What happened? Leo says that there's a "Trust" option that he can turn off in the file menu under Options > Trust Center.

Scott says when he tries to open the file, when he goes to "Open With" the default is Illustrator. Leo says that's a different issue, and he'll have to open Word first. That's a file association issue. Word won't let him open those files though. Leo recommends turning off the Trust Center first. After doing that, Scott says he gets a "repair" or "recover" option when he goes to open a file. Leo says he can use the recover option, or he can find those entries in the "convert file" window. That should allow him to open almost any version of Word. There are also third party Word interpreters he could use.

If that opens, then he should save it as a new document with a modern format (converting to RTF is a good option) and then he should turn Trust Center back on.