Should I get the ASUS ZenPhone AR or the Samsung S9?

Episode 1471 (1:05:44)

Sam from Las Cruces, NM
Samsung Galaxy S9

Sam was looking at the ASUS ZenPhone AR because of Tango and Daydream from Google, but Leo says it's terrible, and he should not get it. Tango is Google's imaging capability that they have since stopped supporting. It's kind of like Apple's face recognition technology, but it pointed outward instead of inward and it had 3D mapping. It turned out that no one wanted to make a phone with the Tango hardware because it was too expensive, added too much complexity, and required too much battery. The ASUS ZenPhone AR was the only one that made it, but it wasn't great, and now Google has stopped supporting it in favor of ARCore.

Leo likes the Galaxy S9, but the only reason Samsung is pushing the AR emojis is because Apple is doing something similar. Leo says it's a creepy feature, though. This kind of feature is not a good reason to buy this or any phone, though. Other than that gimmick, the Galaxy S9 is a nice phone. It's priced aggressively at $720 for the smaller version. The bigger version is $840. The facial recognition is more secure than Apple's, it also has a fingerprint reader on the back which is nice to have, it has a better camera than any of the other phones on the market right now, DisplayMate says its the closest to perfect its ever seen, and it's very fast. Given the choice Sam gave, the Galaxy S9 is hands down the better option.