Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1471 (19:49)

Scott Wilkinson

Leo saw Black Panther in Dolby Cinema this week and he has to confess, Scott was right. It's a great film in a fantastic venue. Leo says he's never heard a better sounding audio track in a film. The sound was immersive, and worked really well. Scott says that Disney did a great job mixing the film and Atmos is really nice.

Leo also wants to get Atmos at home, and is thinking of Elac. Scott says that Andrew Jones has designed some pretty nice ones. The Debut series is nice. It's an upward firing system that bounces the sound off the ceiling. Your ceiling has to be very flat to work right, though, or the sound will ricochet. Your receiver also has to support Atmos because it has to decode the multi track sound. Scott says that Denon is his favorite, but Onkyo's entry level also supports it. In fact, if you bought an AV receiver in the last year or two, it probably supports Atmos at home.