Why is my Mac running so slow?

Episode 1470 (1:14:15)

Timothy from Fresno, CA
Mac Pro

Timothy started a new job and he's using a 5-year-old Mac Pro. Leo says that's not that old, actually. Leo prefers them to the recent models. Tim says that there's not a lot of RAM — only 4GB. Leo says that 4GB is OK for most things he'll do online and for documents. But he recommends running the activity monitor to make sure all the RAM is functioning. Sometimes, though, a program doesn't release the RAM when it no longer needs it, and it may be that is what's happening here. The hard drive may be slowing things down as well. If the drive is old, it could be dealing with hard to read sectors. That could easily slow things down.

He could format the drive and reinstall the OS to see if it speeds things up. If it doesn't, then that indicates that the hard drive needs to be replaced. Leo recommends replacing it with an SSD. That'll really speed things up.

Photo: By Evan Sims (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons