What's the best bandwidth for HD streaming video?

Episode 1469 (1:44:34)

Scott from Woodland Hills, CA

Scott wants to know what the best bandwidth is for streaming HD video. Leo says that 25MB down is ideal, but it really comes down to how much congestion he deals with as other people in the house are using bandwidth. Netflix has a page that shows recommendations, though. If there are more people he has to share with, then he should get double what he needs. Generally, cable companies offer more than enough and are consistent. But in an apartment, that bandwidth gets split off.

Scott should check out SpeedTest.net and see what he's getting. Leo also recommends YouTube TV. It's a great deal for $35 a month. If he's cutting the cable to save money, he's really not saving much. He should check out thewirecutter.com for the best router.