How large should I make my home theater screen?

Episode 1469 (35:29)

Ed from Temecula, CA
Home Theater

Ed is going to be building a video wall for a home theater room in his house. What screen size should he get? Scott Wilkinson says that 14' away with a 60-degree field of vision, it's going to need to be pretty large. Scott says that Samsung's "The Wall" is a great option if money is no option. It'll be available later this year and has micro LEDs. It's 146". Can Ed daisy chain LED TVs? Scott says the bezels will be very distracting. The only real solution here is projection and he'll also want an ambient light rejecting screen if he can't darken the room completely. Ed should expect to spend about $3,000 for a projector. And it's likely it'll just be HD unless he wants to spend $5,000 for a Sony 4K Projector. It's HDR, but its HDMI port isn't full bandwidth. Scott says it's a design decision that is very short-sighted. Ed should stick with 1080p and go with one that supports HDR. Scott likes Epson and JVC projectors. Scott also says that acoustically, a square room isn't ideal for home theater. If his room is square, he's going to want to compensate for it acoustically.

Leo says that if he's spending a lot of money away, getting a home theater installer is probably the wisest thing he can do. They know how to get the best possible performance out of the room he wants. Scott also says there's a great forum thread called "Dedicated theater builder" at He should go there, post a question, and he'll get a lot of help.