How can I keep track of my bandwidth?

Episode 1469 (54:38)

Al from Upland, CA
Ubiquity Edge Router X

Al recently signed up for satellite internet because he lives in a rural area. DSL was an option, but it was very limited. He has to be very conscious of data use. Is there a way to keep track of how much data he uses? Leo says that Windows 10 keeps track of data used, and his cell phone will give him an idea as well. His ISP may have a way to do it, and may even send him an email warning when he's approaching his bandwidth cap. Personally, the best way to do it is through the router. Many routers keep track of this information in the menu settings. Ubiquity's Edge Router X does it, and it can even keep track by device. It costs $50. TP-Link routers do it also, as does Asus.