How can I keep in touch on a cruise?

Episode 1469 (13:05)

Penny from California
Cruise Ship

Penny is going on a cruise to Alaska soon and needs to keep in daily contact with her business. Will she have issues? Leo says it depends on which cruise line she's going on. Royal Caribbean has decent internet, but most of them don't. It'll be really slow because it's by satellite, and it will also be expensive. With over 1,000 people wanting to stay in touch, it'll slow to a crawl unless she logs on in the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep. The good news is that chances are good her cell phone LTE connection will work simply because the cruise lines tend to hug the coastline. So she can hotspot to her laptop with her mobile phone and log on that way. It will really depend on her carrier's coverage in that area, though. Penny should warn customers and employees it won't be an instant turnaround for replying to messages.