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Watch Penny from California Comments

Penny is going on a cruise to Alaska soon and needs to keep in daily contact with her business. Will she have issues? Leo says it depends on which cruise line she's going on. Royal Caribbean has decent internet, but most of them don't. It'll be really slow because it's by satellite, and it will also be expensive. With over 1,000 people wanting to stay in touch, it'll slow to a crawl unless she logs on in the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep. The good news is that chances are good her cell phone LTE connection will work simply because the cruise lines tend to hug the coastline. So she can hotspot to her laptop with her mobile phone and log on that way. It will really depend on her carrier's coverage in that area, though. Penny should warn customers and employees it won't be an instant turnaround for replying to messages.

Watch Ed from Temecula, CA Comments

Ed is going to be building a video wall for a home theater room in his house. What screen size should he get? Scott Wilkinson says that 14' away with a 60-degree field of vision, it's going to need to be pretty large. Scott says that Samsung's "The Wall" is a great option if money is no option. It'll be available later this year and has micro LEDs. It's 146". Can Ed daisy chain LED TVs? Scott says the bezels will be very distracting. The only real solution here is projection and he'll also want an ambient light rejecting screen if he can't darken the room completely. Ed should expect to spend about $3,000 for a projector. And it's likely it'll just be HD unless he wants to spend $5,000 for a Sony 4K Projector. It's HDR, but its HDMI port isn't full bandwidth. Scott says it's a design decision that is very short-sighted. Ed should stick with 1080p and go with one that supports HDR. Scott likes Epson and JVC projectors. Scott also says that acoustically, a square room isn't ideal for home theater. If his room is square, he's going to want to compensate for it acoustically.

Leo says that if he's spending a lot of money away, getting a home theater installer is probably the wisest thing he can do. They know how to get the best possible performance out of the room he wants. Scott also says there's a great forum thread called "Dedicated theater builder" at He should go there, post a question, and he'll get a lot of help.

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Watch Al from Upland, CA Comments

Al recently signed up for satellite internet because he lives in a rural area. DSL was an option, but it was very limited. He has to be very conscious of data use. Is there a way to keep track of how much data he uses? Leo says that Windows 10 keeps track of data used, and his cell phone will give him an idea as well. His ISP may have a way to do it, and may even send him an email warning when he's approaching his bandwidth cap. Personally, the best way to do it is through the router. Many routers keep track of this information in the menu settings. Ubiquity's Edge Router X does it, and it can even keep track by device. It costs $50. TP-Link routers do it also, as does Asus.

Watch Gary from Sylmar, CA Comments

Gary has kept a really old Android phone because it had a slide down keyboard. He hates virtual keyboards. Is there any physical phone out there with an actual keyboard? Leo says that ironically, BlackBerry is making them with a clean version of Android installed. BlackBerry is the last phone company to make a phone with a physical keyboard, but they're really tiny. One option is to get a better phone and then use a Bluetooth external keyboard when he needs it.

Watch Pat from California Comments

Pat wants to know if he can put a magnet on his phone so he can stick it on a metal surface. Leo says absolutely. He should look for a magnetic phone case. Rokform makes them.

Watch Bruce from Anaheim, CA Comments

Bruce just moved into a retirement home and most of the people there aren't very tech savvy. He's trying to find computers for them that will be easy to use and affordable. Leo says that a Chromebook is a great idea. Chromebooks are ideal for email and surfing the web. They're very secure too. They will also work with any web-based email system as well. Leo recommends Gmail for that.

Another option is an iPad. It's very easy to use. Both options are ideal for most people. 16GB drives are more than enough with 4GB or RAM. They'll end up storing things in the cloud. They cost around $300. They're a great, affordable option.

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Watch Greg from Riverside, CA Comments

Greg wants to know how to redirect his old email to Gmail. Leo says he'll have to talk to the web host and set up an email redirect. They have the domain name information and the MX records to redirect it. It's an easy change and it will instantly stop going to the old server and go to the new server. But all the old email will stay on that server. His web host should be able to help him set it up.

Watch Scott from Woodland Hills, CA Comments

Scott wants to know what the best bandwidth is for streaming HD video. Leo says that 25MB down is ideal, but it really comes down to how much congestion he deals with as other people in the house are using bandwidth. Netflix has a page that shows recommendations, though. If there are more people he has to share with, then he should get double what he needs. Generally, cable companies offer more than enough and are consistent. But in an apartment, that bandwidth gets split off.

Scott should check out and see what he's getting. Leo also recommends YouTube TV. It's a great deal for $35 a month. If he's cutting the cable to save money, he's really not saving much. He should check out for the best router.

Watch Jeff from Granada Hills, CA Comments

Jeff has an older Acer AC1900 router. Now he's looking at a mesh router. Leo says mesh routers are great for larger spaces, and he can add three satellite units, which could cover 1500 square feet. It provides multiple access points because the Wi-Fi is "meshed" throughout the house. Eero even works with Echo and he could assign devices to users and then have Echo pause the internet access for them. Eero also has great parental controls. It's not cheap, though, but he can get two for about $200 though, and that should be enough.

(Disclaimer: Eero is a sponsor)

Watch John from Montana Comments

John wants a device for watching DVDs with a large screen. Leo says that optical media have disappeared and large screen laptops are rare as well. Dell and Lenovo still sell 17" laptops, though. But he won't have a DVD drive with it. He could get an external DVD drive. They're cheap and he can plug it in when he wants it. Leo also recommends getting a larger external monitor. He should just use external peripherals when he wants to watch DVDs. That will give him the best of both worlds.