Why can't I sync my iPad to my computer?

Episode 1468 (1:43:22)

Dave from Lake Tahoe, CA
Apple iPad

Dave's Windows 10 upgrade failed and he had to revert back to Windows 7. It's ten years old and he can't sync his data from his tablet. Leo says it may not be modern enough to recognize the iPad. He'll need iTunes and it probably wants a more recent OS to run that. Windows 7 should be modern enough, though. Dave should back up his data, wipe the drive and reinstall Windows. Then update it, and try again. When he gets iTunes installed again, it should be able to sync. The benefit of reinstalling Windows is that it'll run faster. He'll clear out all the "kruft." It'll be almost like the day he bought it, only faster because he's using Windows 7. And because of its age, Dave may want to consider moving to Linux and Xubuntu. But then he couldn't use iTunes.