How can I transfer programs to a new computer?

Episode 1467 (1:22:13)

Rick from Santa Monica, CA
Microsoft Surface Pro

Rick just upgraded to a Surface Pro with an i7 and tons of great specs. How does he move all his programs and data as easily as possible? Leo says programs are not easy at all and there's no decent tool that can do it. Data is the exact opposite — it's easy as pie. But Windows installs program files all over the place, making it difficult to move an entire program package to a new computer. That can cause what Leo calls "DLL hell" because he'll eventually get a warning that a DLL file is missing. It can also cause problems with other programs and even crash the computer. It's always best to simply reinstall all the programs that he would need. This is also an opportunity to decide what he needs and what he doesn't. Rick should only install apps he absolutely has to. Then he can focus on backing up and transferring his data, which can be as easy as a drag and drop.