How can I extend my Wi-Fi range to the back of my home?

Episode 1467 (1:40:04)

Nichole from Los Angeles, CA
TP-Link Powerline Gigabit Wi-Fi Kit

Nichole is having problems getting a clear Wi-Fi signal in the back of her home. Leo says that's largely due to congestion. Everything from a mobile phone to a tablet, to even a microwave are using that 2.4 Ghz band, and so there's a lot of congestion. One way to fix that is to get a dual-band router. The 5.0 GHz band is a lot less congested, but it doesn't have as good of a range. So she can use it for some of her traffic, and use the longer range signal for the back of the house. Or she could use a mesh router. They have satellite plug extenders that create a mesh to provide Wi-Fi all over the house.

The other option is to get a Wi-Fi extender, but she'll want to be sure it's from the same manufacturer as her router. She'll end up getting half the bandwidth, though. The only other option is to get a TP-Link Powerline Wi-Fi device. It uses the electric grid to provide internet access. Then she would just plug the receiver into the wall where she needs it. For that to work, though, she'll have to be on the same junction. Amazon has these TP-Link powerline adapters for around $60.