How can I edit my home movies?

Episode 1467 (1:31:07)

Richard from Los Angeles, CA

Richard has some old 8mm home movies that were transferred to DVD. They were transferred out of order and he wants to redo them, re-edit the video files, etc. Leo says that those DVDs are a treasure chest but he'll need to make sure he gets those videos off them and onto a hard drive, because sooner or later that DVD may not be playable. Is there something online that he can use? Leo says that video files are too big to upload to the cloud. He can "rip" the DVD using Handbrake/VLC Media Client. Both those apps will help him get the data off. has an article on how to do this here.

Richard should save the file as an MP4 with the highest bitrate he can. Then he can edit them. Leo recommends using Adobe Premiere Elements. It's under $100 and is designed for people who don't have a lot of experience in video editing.