Are encryption services really secure?

Episode 1467 (1:05:48)

Gary from Cheektowaga, NY

Gary is an attorney and has heard of a business product called LockBin that promises to encrypt his data. Is it legit? Leo says that there are limits of privacy with an encryption service. If the service can give him his password, then it has access to all his data and it's not really reliable. If they can't give him the password because only he knows it, then he's in good shape. The downside, though, is that if he forgets it, he's out of luck. Leo likes public key encryption that has two keys: one that is public and one he keeps to himself. LockBin also says they don't have a back door, so they can't turn over the password to law enforcement. So it would be secure.

Leo also recommends MiniLock. It's a trust no one encryption service. It's also open source, so he can see what they're all about.