Why does the Wi-Fi turn off on my laptop?

Episode 1466 (14:29)

Todd from Riverside, CA
Man using laptop connecting with wifi

Todd's pro-level support with Dell expired right as his Wi-Fi stopped working. When he turns it on, it just keeps turning back off. Is it broken or is the software doing something? Leo says there is a function key on the keyboard that can turn off the Wi-Fi, and if it's sticking, that could be causing the problem. If it's a business laptop, it may also have a switch on the side that can turn it off. Driver issues may also be causing it, so he should go to Dell and download all the latest motherboard drivers. Windows has a power saving mode that could also turn off Wi-Fi, so he should look in the settings to see if it has "Turn Off Wi-Fi" enabled. These are the most likely culprits, but it could be that there's a physical hardware issue, since Todd's laptop is five years old.